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Legizmo's full website is under development. For now, please see the links below to download Legizmo

Release Versions

Legizmo 'Kincaid' Edition (iOS 13+, up to watchOS 9.3.x)

Legizmo Kincaid is not compatible with XinaA15.
Please do not attempt to install the jailbroken version of Legizmo on devices jailbroken with XinaA15.
However, you may use the TrollStore edition on these devices.

Buy Legizmo Kincaid on Chariz

Legizmo 'Kincaid' Rootless Edition (iOS 15+, up to watchOS 9.x)

Currently available to Alpha testers on Patreon

Legizmo 'Kincaid' Edition for TrollStore (iOS 15+, up to watchOS 9.3.x)

Available on Patreon

Legizmo 'Jupiter' Edition (iOS 13+, up to watchOS 8.x)

Buy Legizmo Jupiter on Chariz

Older Versions

Legizmo 'Grace' Edition (iOS 12+, up to watchOS 7.x)

Buy Legizmo Grace on Chariz

Pre-Release Versions

Legizmo Alpha and Beta Access on Patreon

Currently supports up to watchOS 9.x (Alpha), up to 9.3.x (Beta)

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